Demoman murders Scout with his... (Short) [HD]

So I’m pretty new to making Gmod videos, And I kinda felt like sharing it at Facepunch forums. So here it is;

What do you think? Should I continue making vids?

I laughed, keep up the work.

Well, there were a few things wrong with it…

A) Absolutely no editing aside from annotations, which is not editing.

B) The punchline was flailing ragdolls.

I understand you want to keep making videos, and I encourage you to participate in this community by providing constructive criticism, however in order to be taken seriously, you must show more effort, and the joke must be more thought-out.

Welcome to the forums.

I can’t get enough of those badly done TF2 videos… that scout at 0:21 just killed me. Awesome.
But still refer to Fumples’ post.

I don’t personally own TF2, maybe that might add to the reason I didn’t think it was amusing, but whatever. First tries aren’t always winners.

The end was stupid with the demos limbs flying everywhere and the camera flying