Demoman muthafucka!

sorry i guess im not allowed to post these kinda pictures. but its the only decent one i have at the moment. tell me what you think :slight_smile:

also the editing is quite bad. just couldnt get it right :frowning:

Rules are rules, bro.

“Guess I’m not supposed to do this but I’ll do it anyway.”

That’s a weird logic.

yeah but in the rules section it says that you can do it if u abselutely have to :wink:

How do people always mess up the quote? It confuses me.

As for the picture, badly posed, terrible angle, ugly Depth of Field, boring environment and it’s a sex pose, which are no longer welcome 'round these parts.

I’d snip that dog, you can banned for sex poses.

I can only agree that the environment is boring and that the DoF is ugly, but the posing and angle are fine, if not pretty good. I like how the picture isn’t blatant ‘dicks in yo face’ type of ordeal, like a gmod recreation of some paparazzi busting into a bedroom and snapping pictures of a couple mid-coitus n’ shit.


I don’t think you’ve looked at the picture thoroughly enough to make a judgement like that. Classic case of close-minded shenanigans interfering with proper C&C. Surely you are a virgin offended by your own anatomy


In fact save for the fact that they’re naked and a little of the demoman’s ass is sticking out, I don’t see any naughty bits

You’re drunk right? Like, you’ve been drinking non-stop for the past nineteen hours right? How the hell is the angle good? It’s just an overhead shot of two ragdolls slapped together. It’s not interesting, it’s boring. It’s plain.

You don’t have to look at this for very long to see it’s bad. Not because I am “Offended by my own anatomy” but because it’s a bad picture. It’s not a fact of I don’t care for these poses, which honestly I don’t but if other people do go for it, but because the rules state no sexposes. And this is a sexpose. Bullshit excuse to say you can’t see any dicks, that’s the fault of the terrible angle and bad posing.

I’m giving Criticism, it’s not good. If the poster improved his posing, didn’t blur everything and chose a usable angle it’d probably be good.

If it wasn’t a bad angle Demoman’s left leg wouldn’t be cropped out of the picture.

Just get banned already alright

enjoy your vacation

Thread should be closing any second now…

Correction, drunk and numbed because I can only stand to browse facepunch in a chemical fueled stupor these days. Look, whatever man, I’d rather not argue over a picture of the demoman plowing the scout’s mom…because it’s a picture of the demoman plowing the scout’s mom. All I’m saying is there are positives to this picture that you refuse to acknowledge, and I can only speculate as to why.