Demoman on a barrel at sea, noobic

like it or?

The posing could be better, but the rest is alright.

thanks, i did not notice the hand while saving, i should be more careful next time

i can drape a ragdoll over a prop, i must share this with everyone!!

Whoa man calm down there isn’t that much of a need to be a douchebag about it.

Because I am sooooooo riled up.

why are you getting so rude i do not understand, this picture might not be picasso level, but i shared to view opinions. There’s no need being a prick here.

and btw the title already says “noobic”. what did you expect anyway?

Well, the definition of “noobic” for one.


Those… filters…

A pose in the least.

Look, if you know it’s going to be shit, you have three options which should be limited to two.
Option One: Don’t post it, it’s shit.
Option Two: Post it where it belongs, “Don’t want to make/Doesn’t deserve a thread”
Option Three: Make a thread and realize people get upset when you waste their time.

Unfortunately for you, you chose option three.

Besides, I am not even being that hostile. Y’all need to stop trying to force a mood on me.
I am being sarcastic, but I’d say it’s far from venomous.