Demoman Spy.

God fucking dammit I HATED making this.

Here’s the Deagle for anyone who wants it!

Give him the fro.

That…that is awesome man.

that deagle is pasted right?

No it is a prop/model

God fucking damnit, that’s win.

Good job, another great pose by the TF2 guy.

Surprised I even attempted this.

Looks more unshaka then fro.

Isolating on the hand holding the gun seems weird but its just plain rofl.

Burgers…the cornerstone of every nutritious breakfast…


Nice picture and posing, I like that deagle.


Never seen Pulp Fiction?

head is way too big

WATCH IT YOU IMBECILE. (0:56 onwards)

I smell a headhack :v:

Shifty Eyes You heard nothing.

hmm…this is, a tasty burger!

“And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”
may i put more quotes?

And then the Demoman gave up on rum for something even better.