Demoman taunts Scout.

I figured this was a little too short to bother posting it in the comics section, so here you go.

Click for fullsize.

Still belongs in comics, but what the hell, it’s funny.
Posing ain’t bad, and the face-posing fits well.

The scout’s blank face really sold the comic.

That’s what I was going for, babe.


perfectly executed

really funny

Such a funny comic with such little effort. This proves that all people who can’t make a funny comic are idiots.
The face posing is hilarious. Especially the Scout’s blank expression.

Did you PS the camera out of the pic or a different beard model/texture?

hahaha scout’s face posing is really nice!


Very well made. The use of exact same camera angles works well.

how did you get the beard without the camera in it?


wait nvm

i lol’d well done

Yeah, Photoshop.

Oh god, brilliant.

I love the way the demoman looks in the last panel. :v:

anyone else think the scout looks like an amish with a beard?

Why yes, I have thought that.

This should be stickied.

I’ll get someone to get Uberslug right on it.

Combine it with the Ghastly Gibus and he becomes Abe Lincoln.