"Demon Knight" Knight bashes zombie.

One of my entries for the Fantasy Contest.


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C&C please ^^

Motion blur has lots of sharp edges, probably because the un-blurred layer is completely intact underneath right?

Yee, my mistake…

To be sincere I didnt worked on layers… I actually just isolated the things i wanted to give motion blur and did it :X I made this one in kind of a rush 'cause of work, but I know it doesnt justifies making such a noobie mistake :v:

Added the original to the OP :v:
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The edited picture is good, posing is acceptable but blurr does lack in some area’s and is also too strong in other places as well.

Is it something from Demons Soul’s?

The knight doesn’t fit in the pic’s colour. Posing is pretty good but take just little more time to make it more realistic.

Naaa, the inspiration for the pic, was another game called Tibia :v:
Still… I would love to have models from that game :stuck_out_tongue:

My fault, I’m a blurr junkie.

Well, that little detail was left to my imagination. I mean like, if you are an angel and you travel to hell, you will surely not fucking blend at all :stuck_out_tongue: as the same as a demon travelling to heaven… or in this case, a Knight with a Red-demon kind of armor going to some random crypt.

Also I’m still learning how to improve the quality of my pics, I want them to look more realistic, but I guess it will take time (Which I dont have).

Thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile: