Demon Slayer

I’ve gotten into doing some action pictures without guns. Also wanted to try some stuff In photoshop like movement blur, kicking up dirt/dust and stuff. C and C :stuck_out_tongue:

the editing needs work, but the posing is sweet

The first Picture is very cool nice work :D.
The second isnt so good!

the first one is the best, the models look great.
i like the dust effect.

motion blur filter

is that zeno crash?

The first one looks like an epic fight is about to start.

Zeno Clash, Golden Gnome.

You can take Rimat’s hat off by using “ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 1”

Looks nice

I like the posing, but Im not sure if this map was the best choice

Yeah maybe he could took gm_atomic or something like that
Wow i just realized that the creature in the first is the hellknight from doom

That Zeno Clash models is epic.

One more :stuck_out_tongue:

That is some funky shit right there. Reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus.

I like the first the best.

First and third are best, but first is by far the best. Great posing and such. I REALLY like how the death knight is posed, and they are funky to pose… this is possibly one of the first pictures on here that actually inspired me to do something.

Sweet, gimme a link when you’ve made something :smiley:

Third one is epic I really like it!
But first ones by far the best!