Demonic bone dragon!


[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Demonic bone dragon!

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Turns your boring bone dragon into an epic demonic monstrosity!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Dark messiah, Garrys mod

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

IDIOTS: This pack does not contain the model of the dragon, go buy the game.

This mod turns your boring bone dragon (from dark messiah might and magic)
into an epic demon dragon!

  1. Get this:
  2. Extract /models/npc/npc_bone_dragon file in your dark messiah might and magic GCF.
  3. Create a new file in your /garrysmod/models directory called “npc”.
  4. Create a new file IN THAT file called “bone_dragon”.
  5. Move aforementioned extracted files to that new directory.
  6. Extract my package to your garrysmod directory.
  7. ???
  8. Profit!

For added awesomeness:

First ever file release, and probably the only! :smiley:

Wrong section, or is this a skin not an SNPC?

Fucking awesome. Downloading, nice work.

Ha! An SNPC! LOL! What I would give for that!

They have Apaches and T-Rex’s, this wouldn’t surprise me that much. Would fucking own though.

I’ll think about it… but I’d probably do the regular dragon first. I’d need to check his anims though, I’ve never played might and magic.

Then we could have Reign of Fire battles… :smiley:

Damn it, i really want them Dark Mesiah models…Is it worth buying? Decent game?

DM models are underated, this game is a festival of gmod awesomeness. Great skin.

Where’s the complete DM spawn list for gm10, anyway?

It’s a pretty great game actually. I had hours of fun playing it. The multi player was a bit piss but the single player story was really fun. Also the content is Mindblowingly win

cough download the dedicated server content then you’ll have the Dark Messiah shit cough

That reskin looks awesome. It is just a skin right?

Hey, I made both of those… :v:

Please do!

My fix. :slight_smile:

very nice. Wish you modeled it though, so I wouldn’t have to buy a game that I won’t play.

Guess I won’t download it.

Uhhh… does this work with the CD Dark Messiah Might and Magic?
Also witch part is the Dragon in again I can not Remember I have not played that game in over a year although I Loved playing it I beat it 3 times and failed 5.

If I could I would make this an Snpc (Now if only I knew how)

Er, how do I hex this?

I have no idea…

Do you mind, sending the model of it to me, through PM? I don’t know how to use GCF.

Damn! This skin is wonderful! Thanks man :slight_smile:

Damn that is nice.