Demonic Darkspawn in the Forest

Posing by The Castro



Is that a scenebuild or a map

I must have the all foliage parts.

That’s actually very nice, but it lacks contrast.

from another thread:
it was build on gm_construct

foliage parts come from L4D2

i miss-read as “demoman darkspawn in the forest”

One thing though, should his sword really be glowing? Yes, he’s holding a sword in his left hand.
I should have made that more apparent in the pose.

The atmospheeeeaaaarrrr


Though it would have been better if the ogre had a bit more of a green tinge over him. He stands out too much.

And the lightsaber handle in her right hand is glowing white.

I read it as “demonic dickspawn in the forest”

I didn’t know how to fix the white handle, and I did this at 3 in the morning :confused:
Thanks for the comment everyone.