Demonic spirit approaching an woman


Its awesome by the way.
Apart from the random black box :confused:

The hair looks quite cool.

holy shit she realy loockes like the grudge sceares the heck out of me

There’s a very huge, random black box in the black portion on the background just above the Grudge Girl’s head. Not sure if anyone else can see it.

She has a Square-Fro

Oh yeah…

And there is a spelling error in the title, but, nice pose. (That black box was hidden the first time I looked).

Oh i see it too, the fuck is it? :confused:

Bumped with improved version.

21 hours is hardly a bump. It was better actually. The red in the first version didn’t fit in.
This is more creepy.

Nice that you like it, thanks! And yeah, this version is better in my opinion too.

Woo, no random black box.
I like this edit, but not sure if I preferred not being able to see her face. Made it moar creepy. Still good though.

Creepy is the point my friend. Demonic little girls normally doesn’t have their hair done before scaring the living shit out of people:)