Demons Chapter.

This is a new series of pictures set in the same universe, just like the CID series except I’m going solo on this one.


Big thanks to s1ink0 for the edit.


That’s pretty awesome Rick. I hope you do more.

Most of the people in the first image are from metro 2033 I take it?

crank up that jpg quality

the first one is definently my fav
also where did you get the metro models in the first one??

Yes the most of the guys in the first one are from metro2033, I remember some guy linked it in one of his poses. I’ll see if I can get it.

Also Joazzz I tend to forget to do that :v:

Everything you make is just fantastic.

you made my day rick!

Looks great.

I did

Gibe us… Gibe us pls… o yes

Violent ejaculation Thanks.

Good stuff, mate. The three vids at the beginning really help set a pretty cool space-apocalypse mood.

Really like the first pic.

Skip to 0:38.

Thanks to Cheese Curls for the edit.

I like the raid pic. Green tinted goodness.