demon's suols models thread


(User was banned for this post ("Warez" - Blazyd))

You might want to remove that first link, since that’s not exactly ok to have link’s to roms/isos.

Demon’s *Souls, but whatever.

Blade Symphony has some weapons from Demon’s Souls like the Moonlight Greatsword, Soulbrandt, Hiltless, and The adjudictor’s Meat Cleaver in the Steam Workshop since it uses the Source engine. Don’t know if it’s possible to get them into gmod and SFM though.

From what I know, people were replicating the models of weapons themselves for Blade Symphony.

although it is not legal, if I put that link is not to use a pirated copy but only to have the material we need to have models

I believe instead that it is possible. as I said, if you were able to extract patterns from dark soul 2 by playstation3-4, I do not see what the problem is. first of all what we need is a programmer who has the will to do the right program.

I do not think that they are replicas. the textures are clearly original, or compliments to the artist! sure would like to know how did you get those models

That doesn’t matter. It’s still linking to something that’s still not okay to post here, so it would be wise to remove it.