Demons VS Humans Moddeller needed!

Hey Community,
We from Flashlight Studios are the developers of an upcoming HL2 mod called Demons VS Humans. Let me introduce you to the mod with our summary:

*Humans are cornered against seemingly unstoppable poltergeist type creatures that can manipulate the game, spawn creatures (and control them if they want), set fire to almost Everything, posses people and cause all sorts of fun mayhem on their task to stop the humans. Meanwhile the humans are equipped with their modern technical gimmicks like motion sensortive explosives. Armed with their weapons they are up to hunt those damn demons down. Take your part in this fight on various locations.
Okay so far so good. Now our Problem: We don’t have a moddeller. That’s our big problem. We have outstanding maps and our team lead is a programmer. There is absolutly no chance that this mod dies halfway in development, since we have anything fundamental. But at this point of development we need your help.

What do we need?
-> We need someone who can model us weapons and playermodels. We have 2 animators, so animation shouldn’t be a problem.

Okay, to prove that we are not some kiddies who started developing in the holiday , because we were bored, here some screens (You can find them on Moddb too):