"Demo's nightmare"

I love it

Very nice.

this is SFM, there’s an entire section for SFM stuff so take it there

when will you learn?

Gmod and photoshop O N L Y

But when Deniskaso put his SFM works in GMod section, there is virtually no remarks …

Then take a screenshot of the scene, physgun out.

Danik seriously, you’re not fooling anyone… dude we can all tell by demo’s hands that it’s SFM (because currently you can’t port SFM models to other games) so seriously, if all you’re gonna do is make sfm poses, just say good bye to the ye olde gmod S&M section and start posting in the SFM section.

this is p. obviously SFM and all, but you guys have got a real double-standard going on here. Deniska made a picture in SFM and all he got was a pair of boxes.

i don’t think i saw that, can someone link it?


To be fair, that’s not really the point, the point is he keeps posting SFM stuff in this section… also he’s done it multiple times and has been told multiple times to post it elsewhere… deniska however has only done it once.

yeah Danik really does need to stop posting SFM here, jut saying the reactions have been kind of two-faced