Denise Milani 3D models

Hi! I am looking for help in creating 3D models Denise Milani (only the head or the body). Or share the finished model, if there is one.

She’s well known, but only as a pinup model, so there probably wouldn’t be a 3d model of her floating around. If you’re looking to recreate a particular person in 3d but aren’t an experienced modeler or sculptor, might I recommend Daz Studio? With the right addons and a bit of persistence, you can usually get some decent results. If nothing else, you’ll have fun trying.

Need a model for use in the game engine (not commerce, not for games), for its own modification. In the T-pose. Low-poly. Now many use the 3D packages, so why not make such a model? Daz studio is not suitable. I myself can not, badly with 3d max and bad with texturing.

Why, exactly, is Daz not suitable?

I use Daz extensively for creating original characters, explicitly for use in Source Filmmaker.

Wow, I haven’t posted in here in a long time.

Gmod, if you don’t mind me asking, any particular reason that both you and users of SFM in general are still sticking with it? I don’t mean that as a dig, but I just personally much prefer 3dsMax and Vray, or Daz and Iray. As an aesthetically driven person I find the Iray engine is hella beefy, and much more accessible than Vray and Max/Maya. SFM has definitely come a long way but I’m kinda just curious what’s been going on for it lately, I’m so out of the loop.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but my reasons for staying can be broken down into these three major reasons:

1.) I personally don’t like the aesthetic of Blender / 3dsmax / Maya renders. I’ve been told that Source models can look good in them, but I’ve yet to see anyone actually do it. Every render I’ve ever seen has a porcelain / plastic look to the skin, and the eyes look like glass. In my personal opinion, Source Filmmaker’s rendering aesthetic is more pleasing to my eye than Blender / 3dsmax / Maya.

2.) I have written an extensive amount of tools for Source Filmmaker to facilitate my workflow. I don’t really want to lose all that work.

3.) Similarly, I have written an extensive amount of tools for 3dsMax tailored specifically toward Source, to again facilitate my workflow. Moving my pipeline to work within Blender / 3dsMax / Maya would significantly slow down my workflow, compared to how optimized I have it currently for Source. And all for not only significantly longer load-times, but for end results that I personally think look worse than Source Filmmaker.

Again, I can’t speak for anyone but me. Those are my personal reasons, though.

I am interested in the end result, make in the usual means of modeling (3Ds Max,Cinema 4D,Modo,Blender,Sculptris).

There’s not many people here who make models from scratch, especially when it comes to playermodels. The few that do likely have jobs and aren’t interested in making them for free for others. Gmod4ever gave you a pretty good alternative which can help generate the model which can then be brought over to another program like one of those you listed for rigging. Caring about the end result shouldn’t mean an automatic rejection of the program unless you’re wanting to pay someone a couple of hundred privately for a triple A quality commission. Otherwise, just making it in a different program doesn’t guarantee quality improvements at all. If anything, it could result in a worse model if the person isn’t proficient in the program. A lot of modern modeling programs are largely the same. The capabilities are different in some aspects, but top quality models aren’t entirely exclusive to the program they’re made in. The primary differences are just in the layout and toolset. A program built for lowpoly models will certainly have trouble and require a lot more effort creating a high poly model when compared to something like Autodesk Maya.

In any case, if all you want is a low poly model and Daz will get the job done just fine, what’s the issue with it exactly?

They can, with the right amount of work put into it. A lot of people just don’t understand how to make good materials.

Well, thanks for the reply. SFM definitely does have a very unique aesthetic to it, and I agree that sometimes that style can be hard or impossible to replicate with raycast renderers.

And I suppose that is another plus for SFM, workflow-wise it’s much less of a hassle to get going when you don’t have to set up all of your mesh and material by hand.

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Also, a lot of base textures will need adjusting, even if you aren’t using a PBR workflow. For example Iray pulls ‘specular’ maps from half of the value range that a normal specular map does, so you need to compress the black and white points to allow for a normal specular value.

Most models and textures definitely need tweaking, even if they aren’t specifically from source engine.

Well, the body can take in the another game, but need a head and texture.

Next time please post some reference pictures. Here’s a Safe for Work one that I found…

And for that matter, if you intend to have a model of an existing face be built, either by yourself or others, try to include different angles of reference with as neutral of expressions as you can find.

Front-on, half-profile (like Knight’s posted; half turned away from the camera), and full profile / side shot of the face are really important. And the more angles, the better.

That already looks like a bad CG model with really messed up proportions.

Well, I’m looking for help in creating just one head. Without hair. Can anyone help? I do not put the creation line, I have a lot of time, but there is no money to make the process faster.