Denmon starts to Cry(sis)


(I think this is the original, I took four shots with diffrent lighting)


I couldn’t help myself! Also, reply bitches I didn’t go through all this editing just to talk to your backs! <3

Dear Christ, I thought this was Crysis

The first picture is amazing, the second one not so much.

Aww I really liked how that one turned out! Never done many explosions!

There’s too much bloom for my taste and the explosion is so blurry it fucks with my eyes. It’s a good picture and a nice attempt, but I’m not a fan of how it came out. I do like the shitty hand-held camera-style lighting on the lower part of the picture though, it looks very realistic of that style.

I see your point, gonna see what I can come up with on my next explosion!


Better or worse?

Nice job posing inside the VTOL. That must have been a challenge in itself.

Denmon, it’s a lot nicer on the eyes, but I think it needs to form around the edge of the VTOL more (it’s hard to explain, but I think you should be able to see a little more of the leading edge that the fire is over) because at the moment it kind of looks like the fire is floating. The angle of the smoke is a little odd, but what you did with the debris flying off the aircraft is awesome (although the fire on the debris part has some hard edges).

I think it’s much better than the first version though.

I think I know what you mean, kindof like a wave hitting a solid object, spreading out and engulfing the shape of it! Or am I way off?

That sounds about right.

lol yeah I guess it’s kinda hard to explain! ^^

Not gonna do anymore work on this one though, possibly gonna make another crash or similar pic tomorrow or something though!

Second attempt was better. To much blur the first time. Nice work.

I started to cry…“So beutiful!”

Awesome, I actually thought it was Crysis until I saw Source trees…
May I ask you, where did you get those models?

Pretty epic pic.
Here is a link to the models(finally found them!): The link to the actual models is in the comment.

I think they look alright but you went way over the top on the filters for my taste.

I was about to say the same thing

Mind clarifying? Or did you mean the Brightness and Contrast? Because I don’t really use any filters other than blur and Lens Correction!

Oh yeah and the lens flare on the first one!