Denmon's Hunter themed Elite

Before you say it, I know that there were two other people working on their own Hunter themed Elites aswell. Also, before you say that I stole thier idea, partly, yes. Though I had it in mind to make something like this ever since the requests after my Hunter themed Strider, seeing the other two make it just made me feel that I might aswell give it a go. Since one of them is taking ages to release apparently and the other isn’t quite what I want. It’s a flavor thing I suppose!

Dr Kevorkian’s


Now for mine, enjoy!


Cool looking, but the rest of the armor could have been made with the same texture.

It needs a normal map that matches the Hunter’s from Ep2.

Looks mighty fine.

Amazing, good job.

That’s what Dr Kevorkian is doing. I didn’t like the way it looks but I can understand if people do. Thus, I made my own!


hexed? i’m to lazy to check that myself.

wow, man that looks awesome! I like the idea. I hope to see hexed model in v2

Hex shmex! Plus, I tried hexing once, I also failed… HARD!

V2 preview pic is in the FPSB thread for V1!

I like v1 more, u should desaturate that combine camo part.

I’d like to know how to install it.

That’s V2, take a look, it’s diffrent from the V2 preview. Also, it includes installation instructions!

O shi, I got spotlighted!

Link doesn’t work.


Scratch that. It’s epic.


It’s loading slow.

nice work. they are awesome reskins

Um… It doesnt work for me. :stuck_out_tongue: can anyone tell me the right GMOD folder it goes in? :D?


But I can’t find the correct Gmod folder.