Denoting a Rank on the Scoreboard

So basically, I want to have a badge next to the player’s karma that denotes their rank. How would I do this

Don’t you already have a thread for this, did you really need to post a other one? Anyways, we already told you what to do in the other thread…

I don’t have an entire thread for it. Now I do. Now will you stop criticizing me?

I went back to your other thread they tell exactly how to do this?

Actually, you asked, and we responded about adding icons… This is more or less a duplicate; I’d suggest marking this as solved and checking my response ( And a few others gave you the code which I told you how to improve so you don’t have to create vtfs ) in the other thread!

You don’t really need an entire thread on this either, it’s more or less a small question; your other thread should suffice :slight_smile:

I’m just saying you don’t really need a new thread, has your question was answered on the last thread. There’s no need to get hostile over it.

See, all I got when I said I was having errors were “you’re a dumbass.” So I was hoping that making another thread would help me find someone who is not a complete douche-nozzle

New favorite word.

Okay I will mess around with the score board and see if I can get it to work, but I wouldnt be going around calling ppl “douche-nozzle” lol

But wishbones right I’m going back to your other post not this one close this.

Tell you what. I’ll try one last time…

Read what you quoted of mine, then read your text. What’s different in the SetImage function argument?

You’re using hyphens, I’m using underscores. I included a folder-name, you didn’t. This will cause the image to not show up / show up as purple&black.

So basically, where you had Owner text show up, you change the Text element to an image element.

Here’s my other response showing you where to get the png names from the icon16 folder:

So if you see an image you like, hover over it and copy NAME.PNG, but to use that image in Garry’s Mod, you need to access it like this: Panel:SetImage( “icon16/NAME.PNG” );

The answer to your question was in your first thread, please read it before claiming no one is trying to help you and becoming hostile; next time I won’t keep shoving the same answer under your nose, I’ll just rate cardboard box. We’re trying, you’re just not helping yourself by reading the responses…

I mean I’m getting script errors when I open the scoreboard, not missing textures. And I was referring to the asshat who did no contribution to the thread but make fun of me. Basically, I have an error, ask again, and I get “you’re a fucking dumbass, do you even know what you’re doing?”

Post the Error, and I’ll help you work through it.

In place of where you have the vgui.Create for the DLabel which outputs Owner, create a DImage, and use SetImage instead of SetText as you would on the DLabel.

And yes, if you’re getting an error, please post it.