Departing now

Stargate shiz
I put a lot of effort into making the space spacey enough
but that low res planet
the bane of my existence
rip 2014
EDIT: I defeated the low res in battle and forced it to get a new haircut

It was originally twice as big (Poster command) but I had to shrink it down for facepunch
Criticism is appreciated

too many GMod

oh shit the new planet looks really cool

but it’s really blue

colors don’t match

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it’s also very low-res

The space background and star is quite sharp but the planet lets it down a bit due to its low resolution. The posing interior through the screen seems bland, there’s nothing in it. no lights or wall, just green. Still a decent picture. its a shame the planet is not sharp enough.

You’re right, I gotta sharpen that planet. And I got a little idea of what I can do to make the ship interior a little less bland


I added a light and HUD in the ship

I tried sharpening it, this is as far as I could go without it looking over sharpened.
I also tried to match the colors by adding some blue here and there.