Deployable Manhacks

The idea for this came from a request, and originally from Obsidian Mod where the model originates from. I’ve re-created it and also added several features such as controlling your manhacks and remotely detonating them.

I might add more to this eventually.

This is one of the first things I feel comfortable with releasing, so feel free to bash it all you want! :wink:

[release]Deployable Manhacks

To install :
Simply drop the folder into addons.

Usage :
Left click : Deploy a manhack
Right click : Order your manhacks.
Reload : Detonate your manhacks![/release]

And here are some pictures :

They may not be great but that’s all I have for now.

So, any comments? :smile:

Things to note :

  • They obviously won’t attack you.
  • They will act like regular manhacks until you send them to a location or give them a target.
  • They will attack combine soldiers and other regular allies if ordered to.
  • Targets taking damage from your manhacks will retaliate.
  • They will ignore other player’s manhacks unless told to.

Known bugs/limitations :

  • Grabbing one of your manhacks with the gravity gun sends the other manhacks after you. This is a scripted behavior.

That looks pretty neat. Is there a server variable to limit the amount of man hacks per person, so it can’t be spammed?

No, I should’ve tought of that too. For now the only restriction is ammo, and it’s spawnable by everyone. I will have to add this later. Thanks. :smile:

Is this an HL2 Beta SWEP?
theres a HL2 Beta Weap called weapon_manhack

Not that I’m aware of. Honestly I’ve been told the model is from a mod and that’s all I really know. :smile:

Yes i know, but there’s a Weapon called: Manhack in the Leak.
Anyway, nice gun!

That’s where the request was coming from. =P



Thanks. :smile:

There was a manhack weapon in Obsidian Conflict (as you noted in the opening post), but you couldn’t order them around, only throw them up to attack enemies. Nice weapon though, finally we can kill those bastard metrocops with their own favorite toys.

Also surprised it took this long for someone to make it publically for Gmod.

It was in the beta, you were originally able to deploy your own manhacks

Cool j’aime bien tes manhacks et surtout de la façon qu’ils se déploient !!

you should ask to garry to implant this into vanilla gmod !!

(Gmod miss alot of stuff after new fresh installation)

Thanks, I don’t really consider it vanilla worthy though, not many things are.:smile:

In the weekend I’ll at least fix the small errors that were reported and make it so that if you’re playing sandbox you can’t spawn more NPCs then what the server limits you to. If it’s not sandbox then it will default to a custom cvar.

Probably a bit more.:ninja:

I believe weapon_manhack was supposed to be used when you were playing in the manhack arcade; You were a manhack, thinking you were killing fake rebels, but in reality you were killing real ones. Plus, the weapon itself seems to be the blades just spinning around.

You think we were actually mean’t to play that? I guess it’s a good thing they ended up cutting on a lot of things because this could’ve turned out into something bethesda sized, and I’m not sure it would’ve been as good.

Can you add option to shoot Rollermines too ? and tripmine ?

That would be tricky to do inside of a single swep so I’d have to do several… Besides there would be no world/viewmodel and it would have to be something simpler then just spawning them, or else there would be no point making a swep out of it. I guess controllable rollermines could be interesting but I’m not sure it would play well.

So, we’ll see. :smile:

Idea: Make a Magnusson Device thrower! Use the model from this: and make the world model the Magnusson Device itself. Then just make it throw magnusson devices to make strider killing easier!

I’ve been working on just that on and off for a while now, except a bit fancier. Right now it throws a “Magnade” which is a small magnusson device that can stick to anything, not only striders. :wink:

I’ll try to finish it this weekend.

Actuallty it’s pretty much done, I’m just not quite exactly happy with the way it sticks, but I doubt I can really make it significantly better without over-complicating it.

Awesome. You are now my second-favorite Lua coder ever :buddy: