Deployed on forest - TF141s are pointing their guns at off-screen Enemies

i know they are fuckin pretty generic
it’s just models/skins test.

if u want to tell me about this models or skins, please tell me.

Working on MW2 Weapon Pack V2

Pretty realistic-ly looking.

But i prefer good-looking.

Exactly my thoughts.

Nice posing and scenebuild. I like the foliage models/effects. Damn I wish we had a Chinook model.

You should probably use a better M249 model.

what kind of foliage is that and the models/skins are great i want them :slight_smile:

This made me think, there should be pre-posed models for gmod… or a pose tool.

No, there should not.

Pre-posed models? And take all the fun and creativity out of it?
And there is a pose tool. Your mouse.

Ps! Picture is ok even if it is an off screen.

well. u can have chinook model.

also, if u want to get those foliage:

those foliages are mine lololoololol.

it’s called an NPC.

and if you use NPC’s in here…


p.s. Posing is spot on.


The Mw2 models are becoming over used, like seriously, like there’s too many of them.

I disagree, and I like the pose, and avatar :smiley:

Not enough contrast between the characters and the background. End result is too busy. Motion blur on the background and on Ghost’s legs would have helped.