Deploying an unfunny movie

My first try with sony vegas. Not really a funny video but I tried.
Post a comment or something

Hah. Good concept, although it could be improved upon. Still, I smiled. The shooting at the end was not funny though, much like most ragdoll flailing.

Thanks for the comment :smiley: I hope I’ll get better by keep making more vids. The end well… I tested out the green screen option, though it ended up being very bad.

You just need to mess with the colour settings.

:smiley: amusing, i liked it. keep em’ coming

Was not terrible 3/5. improve ragdoll movement and lighting is a bit low. Heavy has more “sensual” sounds too

thanks for the comments :smiley:
I could really use some help because I’m not really experienced with both Sony Vegas Pro 9 and Garrys mod.

I can tell. Like learning most things, its easy once you get used to it.

Also, for the love of god avoid making “LOL FUNNI GMOD MACHINMA XD WITH TF2 RAGDOLLS.” Its been overused and is just not funny.

Well it’s nice for a test.

But for the love of God, you have potential so please never do ragdoll flailing again.

Ehhh… Its… Okay…

Kids…never do this to a mini gun. It’s a bad idea, and generally unsafe.

Disregard this, everybody should go hump a minigun.