This is GoldStripe
They are (badly) reskinned soldiers for a faction in a comic series I plan on starting whenever

There are 3 standard issue male soldiers, 2 female specialists, and a male heavy

Any criticism is appreciated (praised)

I personally think the reskins look alright. But nice work on this pic.

They look less like soldiers and more like rescue team you’d see after a disaster. Bright yellow stripes don’t suit combat.
Editing wise: Glass on goggles is too bright and flashlight rays look more like laser sabers. Decrease opacity on those.

Overall it is nice though, me likey. Have an artistic, mate.

If yellow isn’t suited for combat, what would you suggest as a replacement?
I’m just trying to go for something more unique here

They reminded me Agency Grunt suit from Hitman: Absolution. Anyway, nice work.

A less bright tone of yellow, or simply a bit less yellow. Perhaps remove the thigh belts.

Also I see “Gale Stripe” on their shoulders (pardon me if I misread that). With that they look more like PMCs in which case I guess it’s okay to have something that stands out.
It’s your artistic vision though. Do what you think is right.

Cool picture, but I don’t think a night op with flashlights on and bright bright yellow stripes on your clothing is going to help :v:

EDIT: Maybe a dark red instead of yellow? Or a green?

They actually are more like PMC’s, but work with the government when they request it.

Actually, green sounds like a nice idea.

EDIT: I changed the color to a duller yellow, and I must say it looks much better.

Very interesting soldiers :slight_smile: