Depot Chest

I request thing which I think might be amazing for RP
Depot chest from Tibia game, which looks like this
For people that never played Tibia before, it’s a chest that saves your things in. Infront of chests are floor buttons that recognise you when you stand on them and load your inventoyr. You can feely put out and put in almost unlimited number of things.
In Tibia there is no way to steal things, these “cabins” allow only one person to get in, and chests are in area in which killing/attacking anyone is blocked.
And it would be awesome if anyone managed to do this in GMod, you could leave guns in RP (for tomorrow play) or deposit all your money in it.

It’s actually fairly easy to do. Just have a database that stores all the stuff in players’ chests.

In fact, I could try creating this for you. Would that make you happy? :smiley:

it would make me happy please make this.

The only thing is, does it have to support a certain gamemode? And what servers would use it, anyway?

Have it supporting sandbox.

Can you not make it like a duplicator tool but you spawn the chest and press e to put things into and take out. so you click with the tool to spawn the chest and then press use to acces your stufe. If possable like a adv so you can allmost take your chest from server to server.


But allso would be good for rp. or naval.

Are you going to make this ???

Anyone doing this? I think the idea is cool.

what if you spwan the chest from entities, then use a STOOL called, i dunno “chest depositer” or something, and everything you use that STOOL on transfers into the chest. even entire contraptions.