Depth of Field, and Dynamic Lighting test

Was playing with maxed out graphics and decided to take some photos.
The finger-posing was awful i’ll admit.

I wanted to use the dynamic lighting features though it never works correctly.
I am open to constructive criticism.

I like the camera angles, although the shells are oddly proportioned (maybe find a different model?), and the finger posing is incredibly awkward. I recommend just taking more time to experiment with the finger poser, it took me forever to get the hang of it.

I agree, i will be using different models later-on.

You’re supposed to turn the toriso with the front siding with the side of the gun :v:

But its a good pose, needs more work though.

Thank you

I would suggest to play with color mod a little bit and yeah, guy must be turned with the front side of the torso to the gun

Yeah, ha

don’t use Simple dof, use Superdof


my fingers hurt