Depth of Field on DirectX 8.1 Problem.

Heya! I’m using -dxlevel 81 as a start parameter, because in Dx 9 I get BSOD.
I’m trying to make some cool photos and I want to use the Depth Of Field, but it doesn’t work, why? Is that from Dx 8.1? I’ll try on windows 7 to see if the problem persists when I put Dxlevel 90, but first I want to know if I can solve somehow this problem.

PS.: I want to use the Simple Dof, not the Super one.

Edit: idk why but my 7 doesn’t work anymore, it says that I have HDD errors and I can’t even turn on steam, fuck 7, xp ftw.

I believe that you need at LEAST DirectX 9.0 to use the things inside the Post Processing. Before I updated my computer, color mod would blind me and everything else wouldn’t work.

Thank you! I will try on windows 7, now I’m just trying to fix this error. I’ll come back to say if on Dx 9 it work…

Edit.: I can’t boot windows 7 anymore, damn it.