Depth of view on view models

Hi, I’m looking for a script that will blur view models like in Operation Flashpoint 2 but so it will work with sharpeye’s freelook mod also.
I know that there are some mods out there that already blur the gun or what ever, but it also applys to stuff that gets close to you and when you die it still effects your death view.

I was thinking a script that would just effect the view model it self so that it could work universally on any view models. Also since it is reacting to the v_model it would change with reload animations.
Pics form Operation Flashpoint 2 (couldn’t find a video with a reload animation)

And in-case you don’t understand from the pics how the guns blur here’s a vid that shows it in the first couple seconds

Gun blur from a first person perspective

Gun blur from a first person perspective

Here you can see even the sight it blurred

Here you can see even the sight it blurred

Blur changes during sprint

Blur during reload

Another example

Bump please.

Its somewhat possible.

Source engines motion blur does not effect “Predicted_viewmodel” since its drawn like a peice of hud, The render FX i mean.

well thanks for the response anyway.

Necrobump :frowning:

You mean Depth of field.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m talking about.

God, can’t believe I screwed that up, this thread is so old I can’t change the title anymore.

Woop almost forgot! charging paddles, Charged!, CLEAR!