Derailed shithole

Whenever a thread details into off-topic arguments just start posting here instead and link to your reply in the original thread. This goes triple for WAYWO and Next Update.

Please use this.

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Page 1: post after post of amazing content.
Page 2: stupid fight

Facepunch just loves drama.

Edit: damn automerge.

GbrosMC is a skid who is only concerned about people copying his code because he barely comes up with anything original himself. My dad (who’s an architect) always told me something. “If people copy you, that means they are 2 steps behind you.” GbrosMC is worried because his creations aren’t enough to take 2 steps forward in the first place.

I’ll be sure to link this thread[SP]sadly[/SP]after anything I contribute to the WAYWO
It’s kinda sad that everyone is so against eachother here.[SP]Or is it, against me?[/SP]
Were all coders/humans/etc, this isn’t a fucking battleground.

Or you can just stop with the weird practice of minifying your code.

I have 2 questions to ask:

  1. What do you gain by obfuscating your code?
  2. What would you lose by not obfuscating your code?

There are questions that you should have already asked yourself and answered. If you haven’t, now is definitely the time to answer them.

Cant mods ban him perma?

Or you can stop whining like a bitch when I do obfuscate my code.

I have 2 questions to ask:

  1. What do you gain by me not obfuscating my code?
  2. What do you lose when I obfuscate my code?

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For… Obfuscating my code?
I don’t get what you mean

we question your practices because there’s no point in you doing them.

every one of your files is “obfuscated” and has a disclaimer of some kind saying “nope don’t steal my code”

it’s the equivalent of saying you’re an advocate for privacy yet continue to use Google and Facebook who have mountains of data on you…

you can continue your weird habits but we’re simply telling you that it makes you look dumb (though you’ve already demonstrated you don’t care about what people have to say, which in turn makes me question why you even post on the waywo if you aren’t interested in feedback?)

You’re just… Reinforcing my roast, man. Usually when someone gets called out on some action, they try to justify it. Are you not justifying your actions because there aren’t any reasons to do so especially considering the… “content” of your creations?

I am interested in feedback, but I’m not interesting in dumb ratings and people complaining that my addons are obfuscated. 2 very different things.

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What is your fucking definition of simple jesus christ

that’s part of the feedback.
your code is part of the addon, is it not?
if your addon is presented in such a way that promotes backwards and useless practices, and you show it off on the WAYWO looking for critique, it’s only natural people would be interested in offering you a better solution to your problem. in this case, though, there is no problem which you face wherein obfuscation is necessary.

You should have absolutely, positively, no reason whatsoever to obfuscate code. When you publicly release code, it is literally open to anybody in the world who wants it. Even if obfuscated, it can be easily de-obfuscated and viewed by anyone. The only reason to obfuscate code is because you have sketchy code. This is a ridiculous fight that should not be carried on anymore, it creates spam that nobody likes, and that nobody wants to see at all. Just stop, be the bigger man and stop replying, this is directed to everybody involved, seriously.


This is proper feedback. Really?

Wow. I knew he sounded familiar he’s the guy who flipped the fuck out when people told him that having a ticking sound every second was annoying.

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Makes So much sense now.

You were the only one nice
Anyway…He got permabanned, thanks obama!

Awh. He’s banned. It was fun. See you guys next week! I’ll be sure to think up of more roasts.

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sorry for starting this shit again, but I don’t have respect for anyone who puts backdoors in workshop addons and still thinks he’s too good for critisism

I also tried telling him that the workshop is about sharing ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No worries. In doing so you have created a wonderful place. A place where we can criticize skids with bad practices without having to worry about derailing threads!

This thread has inspired me to finish my dumbass obfuscator and make it public. Thank you all.

Geez, you all went to this much trouble because a guy obfuscated his code?

I hope you’re kidding.

I wouldn’t call it obfuscating either, he just minfied his code.