Just an idea I had. C&C?[/media]

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This is an idea? :raise:

Guy sitting on his ass in an empty city. I don’t want to be in your mind pal.

I say idea, I mean “I’m an idiot who thought it was a good idea to post this”.

I probably shouldn’t have… I should have made it more… exciting. :v:

I think the understated atmosphere has a certain feel to it…

I really like it, actually.

That’s sorta what I was aiming at. I was thinking of putting some people there, and some glass, like he’s isolated from society.

presumably because all of your pictures are a single dude sitting in a huge open space too.

aside from the emptiness, the terrible map choice, the lacklustre posing and the boring angles, you then went and whacked the crown jewel on there by filtering the piss out of it with film grain. don’t do this again.

Sorry, next time I’ll make sure to have 3 tanks, 50 marines, an aircraft carrier, and 100 different types of M14s.

That should do it.

You could have at least added some cars, trees, fences, signs, and other props to make it look realistic.

Or save the trouble and just choose another map, like rossmum said.

It is sad to see people can’t think of anything interesting and dynamic without talking about army and guns.

oh how cute, he’s getting snarky.

plenty of people have made excellent pictures with one person sitting in an open space, but that’s because they actually understand composition, lighting, camera angle and so on. one of your pictures is some dude playing a piano in an old church or abbey or something. the camera is high and to one side which is about the least dramatic angle for that sort of pose i can think of, and the composition is nonexistent with piano dude smack bang in the middle and literally nothing but empty floor around him. ergo you are not one of those people.

if you spent time working on it rather than getting uppity with me for making a simple and honest observation, maybe you would be one of them.

If anyone would like to close this thread before any arguing continues that’s fine.

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I know I’m a shit poser. I’m trying.

So then why not help me on how to improve instead of just telling me my poses suck :colbert:

That wasn’t in the slightest constructive criticism.

…What? Did you really?

Did I or did I not just tell you what you are doing wrong?

Instead of getting all indignant, try actually reading my fucking posts.

Rossmum once was a guy saying good and useful stuff in a way you might not like, now he’s someone saying good stuff that’ll help you improve vastly, in the least offensive way constructive criticism can offer, you have absolutely NO EXCUSE.