DeriveGamemode("sandbox") while keeping the original scoreboard?

Without using DeriveGamemode() there is by default a scoreboard that suits perfect for my gamemode needs, but how can I keep it while having DeriveGamemode(“sandbox”) as it overwrites the scoreboard?

you want the base gamemode scoreboard?

Well not sure if it’s from the base, but if you don’t do DeriveGamemode a nice scoreboard comes up, and I want that one to appear while using DeriveGamemode(“sandbox”)

You could simply copy the scoreboard from the base gamemode and include the files.

Tried that…

You probably did it wrong then.

Heh, well then that’s why I’m here, how can I do it right?

If it didn’t work you are using DeriveGamemode after you’ve included the scoreboard. DeriveGamemode should be done before including files.

Oh! That’s probably why then, I’ll attempt to fix it now…

Great, it worked! Thank’s _NewBee