Deriving from a brush entity

I’ve made my own .fgd to add custom entities to a map I’m making and made matching lua entities. I’m having problems trying to derive my brush entity from func_brush, I keep getting this error:

//this (shared.lua)
ENT.Base = "func_brush"
//leads to this
ERROR: Trying to derive entity ent_loading_wall from non existant entity func_brush!

Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong?

func_brush is an engine Entity. Lua has no idea what it is.

You will have to remake it in lua.

(but don’t call it func_brush or else it will overwrite the actual func_brush entity and probably break lots of things.)

Do I really have too? Ain’t there some gmod lua entity that I could use as a base? By the way, were can I find a list of GMOD entities?

scripted_ents.GetList() will return all entities registered with lua.

You can see a lot of the engine entities with

If you want a simple brush entity, you can use base_brush.