Deriving Sandbox Will Not Work

Okay so I need help. The GMOD update or something fucked it up. I have not a damn clue but anyways. My gamemode wont derive sandbox now. I have DeriveGamemode(“sandbox”) in shared.lua

Here’s what I have on top of shared.lua.

DeriveGamemode( "sandbox" )
GM.Name		= "gamemodename"
GM.Author	= "N/A"
GM.Email	= "N/A"
GM.Website	= "N/A"

i have all that…

Make sure you have it in the right order, though. I noticed that if DeriveGameMode function is below GM.Blabla variables then it wouldn’t derive.

Its above it. Still nothing. Its stupid because it was working yesterday, now its not and i remember when getting online a update happened…

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I’m getting fed up with all these shit as updates. I cant test my gamemode or anything. Freaking unbelievable.

Paste your shared.lua (in lua tags)? Clearly there is something wrong with it or other people would be complaining.