Derka's HH-65 dolphin

I decided one day after touring the local coast guard airstation, that I wanted to make one of their helos in gmod.Here it is:

Very good. Very, very, very good.

That is fucking tasty.

The multi prop window is a little hard to see threw. Comfy seats though :slight_smile:

Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to recognise this as a Dauphin without being told that it was one, but it’s better than anything I could build.

Tbh it looks a bit messy but it looks like the real thing

om nom nom nom nom

I actually downloaded this about a week ago and have tried it. Very nice. very very nice.

Needs a tad less phx, a tad blocky but better than I can do lol, and you should mention that it needs (i believe) propellor models for the tail (amirite?)
Either way, berry good. I’d like to see you make moar! :slight_smile: Could you do a westland lynx?

to be honest honest :sun:

nice choppar

I don’t like how you gotta download the propeller pack, cause that means errors in MP

that means props not spawning in MP

That means server missing model pack.

It looks kinda messy. Try abbriviating the nose a little more.

after viewing this thread I tried to take a stab at this bird, but I havent really gotten anywhere