Derma and Images

I know this is a stupid question but I wanted to make a mapvote for gmod13 and I wanted to make it so when you hovered over a map it would show an image for that map. What I’m wondering is can I do this w/o making the users download 50 jpegs?

Unless the images are online and can be accessed using a DHTML panel then copying the material to a DImage then no.

If we did use DHTML would there be a delay between loading each image on a mouse hover? Or would it be instant?

I would cache the images from the time the person joins till they leave so there is no delay to see the images. Once they join i’d make an invisible panel then load it and copy it over to the DImage.

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In your case it’s probably just easier to have them download a small image file instead of stressing the client by opening a bunch of DHTML panels.

Sounds like a lost cause. Thanks for the help!