Derma and Time help lol do i get the game time in gmod lua? like the function that would work best for tracking how long time has passed, prefeably in sec

  1. Is there like a derma simulator so i can know where i position buttons etc? lol thanks

  2. How do i hook sprint ? thanks

  1. What do you mean? Record total play time? It needs to be saved to a SQL.
  2. Nonexistent is making one. It is planned to be released 5/5
  3. No clue…
  1. **[G.CurTime](**
2. There is a Derma editor being developed.
3. **[Player.KeyDown](** and IN_SPEED.

  1. nice thanks exactly what i needed.

  2. SWEEET :smiley: (any info about time to be released)

  3. I think i got this, but where is it hooked to ? give me an example hook function for this thanks.

ps: Maker thats for helping me in these 2 posts

It’s probably better to do this if you want to hook:
[lua]hook.Add(“KeyPress”, “Sprint”, function(ply, key)
if key == IN_SPEED then
print(ply:Nick()…“is sprinting!”)