Derma Button Sound

How can I have a sound play when the buttons are clicked on my derma panel. I want only the client to hear them.

Along with

Need a quick example?

Hack it together:
concommand.Add(“DermaMusicButton”, function()

window = vgui.Create( "DFrame" )
window:SetSize( 200,70 )
window:SetTitle( "DButton Test" )

button = vgui.Create( "DButton", window )
button:SetSize( 100, 30 )
button:SetPos( 50, 30 )
button:SetText( "Play music" )
button.DoClick = function()
	surface.PlaySound( "/music/hl2_song20_submix0.mp3" )




note it’s not exactly good practice to just hack things together from the wiki

I’ve tried that any many methods. Can you make me an example that I know works before I try this. Thanks.

The example posted works in my post.

Thank you.