Derma Combobox

local TestingComboBox = vgui.Create( “DComboBox”, DermaFrame )
TestingComboBox:SetPos( 10, 35 )
TestingComboBox:SetSize( 100, 185 )
TestingComboBox:SetMultiple( false ) – Don’t use this unless you know extensive knowledge about tables
TestingComboBox:AddItem( “Add” ) – Add our options
TestingComboBox:AddItem( “Some” )
TestingComboBox:AddItem( “Options” )
TestingComboBox:AddItem( “Here” )

local MainMenuSheet = vgui.Create( “DPanel”, DermaFrame ) – We create a panel so we can draw shit on; if we use the frame, it comes up transparent for some reason
MainMenuSheet:SetPos( 125, 50 )
MainMenuSheet:SetSize( DermaFrame:GetWide() - 25, DermaFrame:GetTall() - 25 )
MainMenuSheet.Paint = function()
if TestingComboBox:GetSelectedItems() and TestingComboBox:GetSelectedItems()[1] then – make sure something is selected if not we get uber spam of errors
local OurStringThing = “Your selection is: “…TestingComboBox:GetSelectedItems()[1]:GetValue()…”!” – This was a pain in the ass to figure out; this gets the name of the option chosen
surface.SetFont( “default” )
surface.SetTextColor( 255, 255, 255, 255 )
surface.SetTextPos( 50, 50 )
surface.DrawText( OurStringThing ) – Draws the text

How would i edit this so that each combobox item had a different value to what it actually says?

If I understand what you mean, you can try setting a value on the panel variable to whatever you want.

[lua]local box = ComboBox:AddItem(“Item”)
box.Value = 10

However, I’m not sure if AddItem returns the panel object. If that’s the case, then you have to hold the item names in a table with a value of whatever.

[lua]local stuff ={
[“Add”] = 10,
[“Some”] = Vector(0,0,5),
[“Options”] = Entity(1),

ComboBox:AddItem( “Add” )
ComboBox:AddItem( “Some” )
ComboBox:AddItem( “Options” )

– Then the value is stuff[ ComboBox:GetSelectedItem():GetValue() ][/lua]

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