Derma Combobox?

So I searched around on google, but I didn’t find a normal combobox like this:

Now can I anyone just give me an example with like 3 comboboxes?
I wan’t to make a menu with some questions.

Thank you.

If you didn’t get what I said heres a sketch:

It’s brocken in gmod at the mo, wait an update or 2 ? Also, it’s on the gmod wiki :

Its DMultiChoice which is broken and its ONLY broken in the menustate(will be fixed in the next update).

So this code will work?

local DermaPanel = vgui.Create( "DFrame" )
DermaPanel:SetSize( 110,133 )
DermaPanel:SetTitle( "Panel Test" )
	local List= vgui.Create( "DMultiChoice", Frame )
	List:SetSize( 100, 20 )
	List:AddChoice("Option 1")
	List:AddChoice("Option 2")
	List:AddChoice("Option 3")

Yea but check your parenting panel(should be DermaPanel and not Frame).

Alright thank you gotta test it now.