Derma designer?

Is there a ‘drag and drop’ designer for Derma controls that outputs Lua code?

That would be really useful for me and maybe some others.


No clue, it would be usefull thinks of vb
But who is going to code it :smiley:

Maybe something like… WoW Addon Studio
Could be useful

Basically, Visual Basic that outputs derma. I want it. Now.

Would be so fucking usefull.

Having coded some addons for World of Warcraft, I can tell you that the WoW Addon Studio is a lot more confusing than throwing the few lines down yourself.

Still, just having the designer part of it would be awesome
Not having to think of all those fucking 2d vectors. paradise.

A friend was making one, don’t know if he finished it.

It would only be feasible for really simple VGUI.

I mean position and size would already be enough, ofcourse would be complicated with Tabs, but that is not needed.

I made one like these a long long time ago, but I am not sure if I still have the code. If I find it, I will let you know.

Make a derma script that outputs code for derma! :v:

Norly, just goddamn code it… It isn’t very hard, and you can get smoother, more unique looks by CODING it. Modulated drag-and-drop will never be as… customizable… as code, no matter how many complicated options it has. (who wants a bet ill get boxed, and double boxed for betting i will)

You don’t need a “visual designer” for derma. It’s pathetically easy.

Yes, but horribly long!


Yes! :downs:

You must be doing something horribly wrong then.

I don’t think so!. :saddowns:

I think Derma is incredibly easy too. How can you ever say that Derma takes too long to make when you can literally control EVERYTHING about it, and you have the ability to re-use whatever code you’ve already made.

In my entire Gmod-Lua experience, I’ve only fully written ONE of each derma element ,ever, I just keep re-using it’s code and adjusting it, etc.