Derma Error?

Hi, I’m pretty computer literate, and Gmod literate as I know my way around source engine and my PC, but after reinstalling Gmod once again, it will no longer work. The problem is whenever i try to start a SP game, Create a MP game, load the Gmod Settings, or load the Q menu, it just gives me errors in the console, like so:

Unknown command “menu_singleplayer”
Unknown command “menu_multiplayer”
Unknown command “menu_options”
Whenever i try to do menu_reload in console it gives me this:

After checking up on the addons folder, I noticed something else that was odd, Derma was never preinstalled (i know for a fact when you first boot up gmod that loads itself in there, so I don’t know what the fuck is going on).

Things I’ve attempted to do:
Reinstall Gmod
Reinstall Gmod
Reinstall Steam
Delete Garrymod’s GCF’s and the Gmod folder, still didn’t work.
edit: ive also defragged and verified my game cache multiple times, to my dismay, still wont fix it :confused:

Fuck, I mean I did a complete fresh install and that stuff STILL screwed up :confused:

3.5GB Ram
Q6600 2.40GHz
8800GT 512mb
Win7 32bit (ive used gmod on this os before, worked as great as the os itself)
WD Caviar HDD, 160GB
GA-P35-DS3l rev 2.0

edit: okay from my gmod friends they told me a patch was released today and that is the most plausible cause, we’ll see if a patch comes out within the week i guess. Oh well, I can wait :slight_smile:

Alright I’m not the only one with the problem. I can’t stand this, I just bought this for my cousin and so I wanted to show him what this was all about, and I can’t now because mines not working. Worse thing is I’m going to have to remote to his computer or something in case this happens with his because he’s not as good with computers as I am.

Hoping something comes out soon.

I do have one idea left to try and fix it but we’ll see.

Ok My last try worked! I asked my buddy to zip up his whole garrysmod folder and send to me, and I unzipped his and it worked. I completely overwrote my folder and restarted Steam and it worked. Just to make sure if fixed our problem as well as everyones, I started opening menus and using different tools and get water and such. Everything worked fine.

So I guess until they make a patch for all these find someone that doesn’t have any problems with the game at all and tell them to zip it up and overwrite your whole folder.

Hell, even if a patch does come out it doesn’t hurt to just keep this folder rather than deleting and updating. Just update the new folder.

I’m having the same problem, I’ve done everything you did, and then some. You’re not the only one. It’s driving me insane. Was the gmod folder you used to overwrite the original, before or after the recent update?

I gave Garry the console errors I was getting, seems after looking over them he’s found the problem and says he’ll be releasing a patch ASAP.

Awesome sounds good, thanks for the replies, glad I wasn’t the only one with this.

Same for me, plzz tell me that you know how to fix it!

new update just rolled out, it should be fixed now

It’s after the bad update, but another update came out today, so if it doesn’t fix with todays update then try overwriting the folder like I said.