Derma for beginners

I’m trying to make a flat GUI look for my addon, I have looked at the wiki tutorials but I still can’t seem to grasp derma as a whole. Any suggestions? Below are some pictures that I made in Photoshop that are almost excactly what I want to make.

Maybe worth checking out some of Code Blue’s tutorials if you haven’t already

His YouTube channel:
His video about derma panels:


DLabels and DCheckBoxes will help you a lot on the settings tab.
Also DScrollPanel for the logs
As for number sliders, I’m not sure because I’ve never personally used this, but this should help

In order to actually get a value back (Rather than just moving a slider and (un)checking a box), use GetValue.

I have looked at his videos before and they did help somewhat but not to the extent that I need to accomplish the above GUI.

Its not that hard. Use DERMA:DOCK(TOP) for the settings, so they align all under eachother – or use a DScrollPanel.

Try using this instead - I think the image on it is fairly outdated so that’s why it looks weird (I think I’ll update that)

You said “I still can’t seem to grasp derma as a whole” is this your first proper derma panel? if so start with the basics. I know you want to make the menu you sketched up in photoshop, but start small, make a simple, functional but ugly menu to start off. Then add things to it. It’s easy to get lost and confused if you aim too high.

I know you said you have looked at the wiki tutorials already, but I’d still recommend:

I think it explain the basics very well, and when you know what everything there does, go through these and read ,pre about the parts that intrest you.

Good luck!