Derma Licensing Question

I’ve been working on GMod IDE lately, when I came upon the fact that everything is in one skin file, I was wondering if I could ‘ship’ it directly with the program. Is there any licensing issues with shipping it, do I need to check they own Garry’s Mod 13?

(I tried to send this directly to Garry, but he’s disabled PM’s. So this is mainly aimed at Garry if he reads this… hopefully. I’m hoping to have this finished and released whenever GMod 13 is)

You can mail him too, he usually responds quite fast.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for!

No problem at all.

I got a reply in 30 seconds, is Garry on crack 24/7?


Strange, the crack must be wearing off, he’s taking a while to reply to one of my most recent emails.

Still no reply, makes that previous reply time look like baby. (overused tf2 joke ftw)