Derma Menu doesn't open for some people on server.

I created a Derma Menu, which sends a string to the server side to play a certain sound from the Prop Hunt taunts.
Now when I go on the server and tap C or F4 the menu opens and shows up, some friends who I asked to help test it out said that when they press and the mouse shows up but the menu doesn’t show up.

  • Some friends could see the menu and some couldn’t.

What could be the cause?

There’s 2 .lua scripts.
One is in autorun/client and the other is in autonrun/server which is weird.

are there any conditions before the derma menu can open?

This is the beginning of the script:

if ( CLIENT )	then
	function phm_1(_p) //Taunt Menu Page 1
		print("Received taunt_p1 ) from player, opening menu page 1")//Debug Line for hook.Call
		local p1_base = vgui.Create( "DFrame")		//Menu Frame
			p1_base:SetSize(176, 571)
			p1_base:SetPos(1728, 208)
			p1_base:SetTitle("Taunts - Page 1")
			p1_base:SetVisible( true )
/*			p1_base:SetKeyBoardInputEnabled(false)

So no conditions