Derma Menu

Can someone give me an example of a derma menu with a icon and 2 rows of text on the right.

Try this:

[lua]function MyPanel() – Make a function so we can call the menu later

– The initial frame that holds everything
local frame = vgui.Create(“DFrame”) – Make the frame
frame:SetSize(600,600) – The frame is 600x600 units
frame:Center() – Instead of frame:SetPos(), using Center() is convenient as it automatically centers it
frame:SetTitle(“Test Menu”) – Shows up at the top of the menu
frame:MakePopup() – This allows the player to use their mouse

frame.Paint = function() – Paint allows us to override the drawing of the frame to both draw text and make it look cooler

-- This draws a black, semi transparent frame that looks cool :D

draw.DrawText("Text line 1

Text line 2
Text line 3
– This draws the text you want at the very center of the frame.

– This is the icon you’re looking for
local icon = vgui.Create(“DImage”,frame) – Make an image, and the “,frame” parents it to the frame
icon:SetPos(10,10) – Put it at 10,10 relative to the frame
icon:SetImage(“console/gmod_logo”) – DImages use materials to show an image, so we use the gmod logo


concommand.Add(“mymenu”,MyPanel) – Allows us to open the menu with a concommand[/lua]

I’m gonna use the hook call feature. Gonna work off this. TY

No problem.

You mean hook.Add? Bear in mind that this can only be called from the client; you can’t make a hook serverside and open the menu there, unless you use ply:ConCommand().

Watch me.

Here’s how and what I was talking about.

The key that calls the menu.
[lua]function GM:ShowHelp(ply)
umsg.Start(“playermenu”, ply)

The bottom of the menu where you had concommand
[lua]usermessage.Hook(“playermenu”, Menu)[/lua]

I was talking about hook call feature, By this I mean when a key is pressed it calls the hook via the key.


I’m not creating a new bind, I’m using a key already used.