Derma opens for all users

I have idle NPC’s in which open a derma panel when you press E on them, although it opens for all users? Here’s the code:

function ENT:AcceptInput( name, activator, caller )
	if name == "Use" and caller :IsPlayer() then
		umsg.Start( "scrapshop", ply )
		Entity( 1 ):EmitSound( "vo/eli_lab/eli_lookaround.wav" )

I’d like it to only open for the user that originally pressed E.

Any help is appreciated

What is ‘ply’? You never defined it

Yeah you should be using caller… And heres a tip use net instead of umsg

Great point, I changed it to ‘caller’. Hopefully that fixed it. Just need someone to test it with me now. Thanks a lot :v:

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Works perfectly now, thanks guys.