derma Paint not working on my test.

[lua]function DermaTest()
local DermaFrame = vgui.Create( “DFrame” )
DermaFrame:SetPos( 200, 200 )
DermaFrame:SetSize( 300, 300 )
DermaFrame:SetTitle( “Test Paint On Frame” )
DermaFrame:SetVisible( true )

function DermaFrame:Paint()
surface.SetDrawColor( 0, 0, 0, 255 )
surface.DrawRect( 0, 0, DermaFrame:GetWide(), DermaFrame:GetTall() )
concommand.Add(“DermaTesting”, DermaTest)[/lua]

Unknown Command: 'DermaTesting'

Yes, you are missing an end, put one behind the one that already exists.

And also is there a way to add line on the rectangle ?

Just add another line outside the rectangle.

White/black w/e

ok but I found this function and how I can add it to my code ?

Type it in.

Oops sorry I forgot to show what I found

For drawing lines.