Derma Paint

Ok, I got that figured out, now how would I paint it? I think it was something like,
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local Rules.Paint = function()[/lua]

or something.


Also the background of the Rules tab is grey, can I change it to black?

I’m going to be very vague here, as it’s pretty simple to do.

Use the Panel.Paint (like in the examples) to over ride the default paint.

Then use draw.RoundedBox() with your own arguments, and set the position of it at (0,0) and size of the panel you are painting. I’d recommend using Panel:GetWide()/Panel:GetTall() for this.

I said Tab, as in Property Sheet.

All you asked was how to make the background black instead of gray.

It says the background the little background of that tab in that little space, I want the tab color changed basically.

for k,v in pairs(DPropertySheetName.Items) do
function v.Tab:Paint()
–do crap heah

I worked to figure that out myself, so be thankful :smiley:

I got my Derma Panel background created but I need the Tabs panel baclgrounds also painted, there grey. But trying yakas now maybe it does that to


Didn’t work. This is it.

[lua]local Rules = vgui.Create(“DListView”)

for k,v in pairs(Rules.Items) do
function v.Tab:Paint()
surface.SetDrawColor( 50, 50, 100, 175 )
surface.DrawRect( 0, 0, DermaPanel:GetWide(), DermaPanel:GetTall() )

function Rules:Paint()
local lolcounter = 1
draw.SimpleText(“1)Don’t spam props, it will result in a ban.”, “ScoreboardText”, 5, 5 * lolcounter)
lolcounter = lolcounter + 2
draw.SimpleText(“2)Respect all players and administrators.”, “ScoreboardText”, 5, 10 * lolcounter)
lolcounter = lolcounter + 2
draw.SimpleText(“3)Abuse of the NPC tool will result in a permanent ban!”, “ScoreboardText”, 5, 11 * lolcounter)
lolcounter = lolcounter + 2
draw.SimpleText(“4)You may only fight if your opponent accepts.”, “ScoreboardText”, 5, 12 * lolcounter)
lolcounter = lolcounter + 2
draw.SimpleText(“5)If you are caught AFK-ing to achieve 50 hours of play”, “ScoreboardText”, 5, 13 * lolcounter)
lolcounter = lolcounter + 1
draw.SimpleText(“time your time will be reset and you will be punished.”, “ScoreboardText”, 5, 13 * lolcounter)
lolcounter = lolcounter + 1
draw.SimpleText(“6)Do not minge unless an admin has designated a minge”, “ScoreboardText”, 5, 14 * lolcounter)
lolcounter = lolcounter + 1
draw.SimpleText(“day, there is still no spamming of any kind during this period.”, “ScoreboardText”, 5, 14 * lolcounter)
lolcounter = lolcounter + 1

I get this error

autorun/Derma.lua:54: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)

You have to add the tabs first.

I got tons of tabs, and I’ve figured it out. Thanks.