Derma problem

autorun/server/cl_commandline.lua:2: attempt to index global ‘vgui’ (a nil value)

That is the error… Here is the entire file…

 function commandline()
	commandinput = vgui.Create( "DFrame" )
	commandinput:SetSize( 220, 100 )
	commandinput:SetPos( 10, 40 )
	commandinput:SetTitle( "Direct Commandline" )
	commandinput:SetDraggable( true )
	commandinput:ShowCloseButton( true )

	local CommandLabel = vgui.Create( "DLabel", commandinput )
	CommandLabel:SetSize( 30, 25 )
	CommandLabel:SetPos( 10, 20 )
	CommandLabel:SetText( "Command Input " )

	local commandTextEntry = vgui.Create( "DTextEntry", commandinput )
	commandTextEntry:SetSize( 100, 25 )
	commandTextEntry:SetPos( 10, 40 )
	commandTextEntry:SetText( "" )
	local ApplyButton = vgui.Create( "DButton", commandinput )
	ApplyButton:SetText( "Execute" )
	ApplyButton:SetPos( 15, 70 )
	ApplyButton.DoClick = function()
	if( commandTextEntry:GetValue() == "" ) then
		LocalPlayer():PrintChat( "No command was input.", false )
		LocalPlayer():ConCommand( commandTextEntry:GetValue() )
		commandinput:Remove( )
concommand.Add( "commandline", commandline) 

I am thinking it is either suppose to go in the autorun/client/ folder or it needs a if (CLIENT) then or a if (SERVER) then etc.

You’re right.

Edit: Lol you have it in /server/ That’s why. The client doesn’t run that. If you want both to run it, put it in autorun/

I know, I did do that, but it is still erroring, wait hold on… Might have solved this.

schumacher, this is something that has been pondering me as well, and I can’t figure it out, if you do, could you tell me? Mabye even post the code? and tell me where you put the .lua file.

this must go in the autorun/client
since derma and HUD functions alre ALL client side function, like why dos the server console need HUD? or maybe an derma frame?


but still, and if your not sure, try to put it in a autorun, and put at thge top if SERVER then return end
or replace SERVER shit CLIENT, your call