Derma problems.

I have a problem testing my own derma control. I do a rounded box of 50x50 size at pos 100,100. I tested this code but nothing happens when I do vgui.Create(“testing”):

[lua]vguicontrols[“taskbar”] = {}
vguicontrols.taskbar._color = Color(36,93,219,255)

function vguicontrols.taskbar:Init()

function vguicontrols.taskbar:Paint()
local x,y = self:GetPos()
draw.RoundedBox( 1, x,y,self:GetWide(),self:GetTall(),self._color )
return true

vgui.Register( “testing”, vguicontrols.taskbar )[/lua]

You don’t need to give draw.RoundedBox the X and Y positions while in the Paint-function. That’s automatic, so just replace them with zeros.

I couldn’t post before. Thank you. That fix works.