Derma question - Labels on boxes, how to create a new line...

I checked the wiki on Label but I can’t see anything that would be the equivalent of wordwrap on the button. Right now if I have a long button title/description the text just disappears … I want it to use the rest of the area of the button like if I were to hit RETURN to start a new line…This should be a simple fix…

EDIT: I’m using SetText command if it makes a difference

Use your_DLabel:SizeToContents()

Either use
or \ in your SetText to start a new line like:

your_DLabel:SetText("Long button title

Long description")

You would use:

: for a short text

your_DLabel:SetText("Long button title
Short description1
Short description2")

\ : for a long text

your_DLabel:SetText("Long button title
Very long description1\
                                       Very long description2\
                                       Very long description3\
                                       Very long description4")

You forgot to mention this syntax:

more text
even more text]])